We have the following equipment on-site to handle your COMPLETE automotive needs. Because we have invested in this equipment over the years, we are able to control all aspects of your repair. This is a direct benefit to our customers as the out-sourcing of repairs/parts is very restricted. We know who did what to each job we contract.
Quality of workmanship is of the utmost importance at our facility.

Sunnen CV616 Boring and Honing Machine
Serdi 60 Seat and Guide Machine
Storm Vulcan Blockmaster
Sioux Head Bench
Winona Seat and Guide Headmaster
Kwik-Way Valve Facer
Storm Vulcan Belt Surfacer
Sunnen Rod Hone and Cap Facer
Winona Flywheel Grinder
Ammco Disc & Drum Brake Lathe
Nugier 40 ton Press
Universal Bead Blaster
Winona Jet Washer
Storm Vulcan Hot Tank